EPisode 4

Why Authenticity is Just a Buzzword

A Closer Look at the Evidence

“Be authentic,” they say.

What does that even mean?!

In today’s world, authenticity is just another overused, fancy term that has lost its meaning. It has become more of a sales pitch than a genuine call to be oneself.
In this raw and unfiltered episode, Eugene and Jones tear down the facade of what’s being sold to us as ‘authenticity, and discusses the irony of how chasing authenticity often lands us in the realm of the fake.

They’re calling out the bluff on the authenticity game everyone seems to be playing.

Pro Tip: Authenticity isn’t about broadcasting every detail of your life or stubbornly clinging to a so-called ‘authentic’ persona. It’s about being honest, even when it’s not pretty, not packaged, and not perfect.

Join us for an episode that doesn’t just scratch the surface. We’re going in deep, challenging norms, and maybe, just maybe, finding out what being authentic really means in a world obsessed with a fake version of realness.

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