Feels like you tried so hard, but got nowhere? Join the club.

Life can feel really f*ucked up when hardwork and best efforts don’t pay off. Before you know it, time has passed you by. You are jaded; exhausted; with work, with relationships, with society. 

It’s time to dig yourself out of that hole. We’ll do it together.

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The No-BS Guide to Chasing What Matters

About the Founders

We are founded by four individuals of different backgrounds, personalities and professions, united by one common purpose – we want to lift each other up, because we believe that rising tides lift all boats. A better us, leads to a better community.
Jones Liew
A corporate trainer who spends two decades of his life helping individuals in the work environment be the best they can be, at their jobs. In life, he feels like he’s constantly on the hamster wheel working for others and ignoring his own needs, until he realised there is a better to live live for both self and others.
Eugene Tay
The creative and brilliant mind behind some recognisable brands such as Monsters Under the Bed and Supernatural Confessions. In life, he is jaded with blind trusting people who end up exploiting him once too many times, and now chooses to be a recluse.
Kian Ann
In life, he believes that there’s more to living than just following the roadmap of what other successful scholars had done before him.
Kenneth Lim
A dedicated family man who leads a life of higher purpose by devoting his time pursuing a career as a teacher in a special needs school. In life, he is always constantly looking at ways we can evolve to be our better selves.
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