Our Story

M&C was founded by four long time friends who had seen each other grow up for the past two decades and counting.

In their early twenties they founded a company Cynovate Adventure & Learning which was in the business of providing leadership training courses for tertiary education students. M&C is a culmination of their real life encounters and business experiences.

Identifying that there’s an intrinsic pattern of struggle found in the lives of their peers, and the conflicting advice provided online by pseudo experts, the four decided that it was time someone should address the issues in a manner that allows for multi-channel discussions.

Their method is simple – we learn best by talking about it and growing from the wisdom of the crowd.

M&C is led by Jones Liew, an experienced corporate trainer, and Eugene Tay, an entrepreneur and a student from the school of life of hard knocks.Their opposing views make for great conversation start points. Kenneth takes an educational approach by providing the team with research materials and citations to back up the claims made on the show. Kian Ann handles the tech and operational aspects of M&C.