EPisode 12

What Are Your Dreams?

The No-BS Guide to Chasing What Matters

Sick of the same old spiel about following your dreams? Let’s face it – the older we get, the more ‘dream big’ sounds like a broken record. Dreams aren’t just for the wide-eyed; they’re for the battle-scarred who dare to want more. This episode, Eugene and Jones are stripping down the fairy tales and getting to the gritty science of ambition.

We’re tossing out the feel-good fluff and diving headfirst into the evidence – the raw data and hard facts that explain the power of dreaming when you’ve got more yesterdays than tomorrows. It’s about setting sights on goals with guts and making moves that matter, not just chasing shadows.

Get ready for a no-holds-barred exploration of what dreams really do for us, how they shape our reality, and why giving up on them means giving up on ourselves. We’re talking tough love, expert insights, and real-life stories of aspirations that burn bright, despite life’s hard knocks.

Bottom line: Dreams aren’t a luxury; they’re lifeblood. And it’s about damn time we figured out how to chase them without running in circles.

Crank up the volume, brace yourself, and let’s get down to the business of dreams. Because if you’re not aiming for something, you’re settling for anything.

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