EPisode 2

The Power of Expectations

Why There is Nothing Wrong with Expectations From Self or Others

Expectations – boon or bane? Hell, one would even say that a life with no expectations is not a life worth living. Men, we are daunted with what society expects us to be – a traditional provider with a gentle, malleable disposition, yet fiery enough to lead and protect, while still giving the woman space to do whatever she likes.

And then society also throws all sorts of labels at men that confuses the hell out of us. What do they expect from us?

I know this though: There is power in expectations. We just need to learn to harness it to our advantage, and that requires us knowing our boundaries and then breaking them in the ways that we choose.

Here’s a tip: Confidence comes from knowing which expectations to fulfil and which to reject. You can’t please everybody.

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