EPisode 9

Identifying and Dealing with Gaslighting

A Comprehensive Guide

Gentlemen, this one’s a game-changer. Today, we’re tackling a topic that could make or break everything you’ve learned from us so far. We’ve focused on self-improvement and control in our past episodes, but what about the people you surround yourself with? What if they’re undoing all your hard work without you even realizing it?

Enter gaslighting – a term you might’ve heard but probably don’t fully grasp, especially when it comes to your relationships. And here’s the kicker: research shows that men are often on the receiving end of gaslighting, particularly from women. It’s a touchy subject, but we’re not here to dance around the hard truths.

In this episode, Eugene and Jones are diving deep into the world of gaslighting. We’re not just defining it; we’re showing you how to spot it and, more importantly, how to deal with it. This isn’t about pointing fingers; it’s about opening eyes to a reality many of us are blind to.

Expect a no-holds-barred discussion, backed by facts, personal stories, and maybe a bit of controversy. But it’s crucial. Because if you’re being gaslighted, all the personal growth in the world won’t save you.

So, brace yourselves. It’s time to get clued up, stand up for yourselves, and learn how to handle gaslighting – not just for your sake, but for the health of your relationships.

Turn it up, tune in, and get ready for one of our most important episodes yet.

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