EPisode 11

How to Detect Bullshit

A Comprehensive Guide

We’ve all been there – trapped in a conversation that’s spiraling into an abyss of nonsense. It’s like you’re both looking at a different picture, each convinced the other’s viewpoint is total BS. What’s worse? Neither of you will budge. It’s not just stubbornness; it’s a full-blown battle of bull.

Now, don’t get it twisted with gaslighting – that’s a whole different beast (catch up on that in episode 9). We’re talking about your everyday, garden-variety BS that you wade through in conversations, on social media, and sometimes, even in the mirror.

In today’s episode, we’re going BS hunting. I’m going to teach you how to spot the telltale signs of bullshittery in the wild. This isn’t just about saving face; it’s about saving time, energy, and maybe a few friendships.

But it’s not always about sniffing out the lies. Sometimes, you’re cornered, and “just walk away” isn’t on the table. So what’s the game plan then? How do you handle the onslaught of BS when it’s flung your way?

Strap in and get ready to become a BS-detecting ninja. We’ll slice through the crap and get to the truth, or at least, get through the conversation without losing our minds.

It’s time to sharpen your senses and your minds. Let’s dive into the BS and come out clean on the other side.

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