EPisode 10

How Not to Be a Doormat

Taking Control of Your Interpersonal Relationships

Fellas, get ready for a wake-up call. We’re diving into a world where society and, let’s be honest, sometimes women, can push us into corners. You’ve seen the advice out there – it’s a jungle of contradictions and confusion.

Our last episode tackled the challenge of recognizing and avoiding gaslighting. Now, we’re taking it a step further. All the self-improvement in the world won’t mean a thing if you can’t stand up for yourself against external pressures.

This time, it’s about spine – having one strong enough to stand tall in your relationships, whether with your partner, friends, or even your boss. No more bending over backward to please everyone. It’s time to dust off and step out of the shadows.

Enough with being pushed around. It’s time to stand firm, look forward, and move decisively. Let’s get you on track toward a future where you’re in control, not just along for the ride.

Turn up the volume, tune in, and let’s start this journey. Your path to stronger, more balanced relationships starts now.

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